Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bargaining Power

Yesterday, while I was in the bathroom, Michelle stood at the door and asked if she could watch just 2 songs from the bonus edition of High School Musical 2. House rule is no TV after 7pm from Mon – Thur, by the way I lost count of how XXX times they have watched the CD. While shampooing my body, I answered “yes” and continued with my business, a few seconds later came Emily by the door and asked if they could watch 3 songs instead of 2, below was our conversation:

Emily: Mummy, can we watch 3 songs?
Me : No, just two
Emily: Ha, three ah? (I think she act stupid and pretend hearing “three”)
Me: No… jeh jeh asked for two, I gave permission for just two
Emily: Hmm… three lar…
Me: Two means two, you either watched two or not at all
Emily: Aiyah..two lar two lar.. (walked away)

Recently they employed a new tactic and that is to nag and repeatedly plead in their poor thing look and voice. Sometimes this mummy falls into their trick and at times managed to come out of their spell and insisted on my decision.

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MamaJo said...

My 2 boys always used that tactic and I always give up....They know that when I talk with my friends/customers/bro through phone, they will immediately ask for things that I don't want to give earlier..... :P


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